Visual Voyages: Latin American Nature from Columbus to Darwin: The Huntington Art Collections

Repeating Islands

TheBeagleLaidAshore Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Latin American Art and Science

Application deadline: Friday, March 28, 2014 at 5pm

The Huntington Art Collections and Research Division invite applications for an 18-month full-time research fellowship as part of the project “Visual Voyages: Latin American Nature from Columbus to Darwin.” This project, led by Catherine Hess (Chief Curator of European Art at The Huntington) and Daniela Bleichmar (Associate Professor of Art History and History at USC), will explore the ways in which Europeans and Americans envisioned and depicted Latin American nature from the Columbian voyages through the nineteenth century. In this period, nature provided incentives for exploration and settlement, commodities for trade, medicines and specimens for scientific investigation, sources for literary narratives, objects for collections, pigments for art and industry, as well as a constant stream of representations. The texts, images, and objects produced in and about Latin America burst with representations of nature…

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