Call for Papers: Tropical Exposures: Photography, Film, and Visual Culture in a Caribbean Frame

Repeating Islands

2015-01-09 17.48.15

The Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute at Tulane University is now accepting proposals for the conference “Tropical Exposures: Photography, Film, and Visual Culture in a Caribbean Frame,” which will take place March 10-12, 2016. Proposals are due by September 15, 2015. [Many thanks to Amanda Fleites for bringing this item to our attention.]

Description: Tropical Exposures welcomes proposals for papers that address any facet of Caribbean visual representation in photography, film, art, popular culture, and other media, as well as the interaction of word and image more generally. Scholars are also encouraged to present proposals that consider social and cultural shifts toward the increasing intermediality of representation in the Caribbean frame.

Papers may focus on one terrain, image-maker, or form of media, or employ comparative strategies. Papers may be in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese, though English is preferred. We anticipate creating an edited volume of expanded essays around…

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