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Dear Maureen,

I did promise to write but not so soon[. A]nyway I’m forced to do this first to let you know which you already know of the great loss we suffered on the death of our beloved Prime Minister. This has had the entire nation grieved and is still expressing their great loss of a great man. We are having lots of tributes, memoriams condolences in all forms shown to the children and the nation[.] It was a very touching experience[.] Well our home circle journeyed to POS [Port of Spain] to pay tribute. It was a very solemn and touching experience which I could write and write about[.] I’m hoping to keep all the newspapers of that time. On our return home a second shock was awaiting us. This was that Peter who went to Vessiny to bathe just stepped into the sea with no difficulty whatever and drowned on Friday 3rd April at about 3:30 pm. This you could just imagine sent the entire family into chaos[.] When I reached down to Daddy’s he was all worked up. Miss Pearl


had gone to locate the body but to[o] late he could not be found. The search was put on the next morning and as soon as they approached the beach there his blue trunk could be seen floating[.] Some young men went into the sea and brought him out. He was slightly swollen and had slight bruises about his lip and forehead – He was not bitten by fish thank God. Arrangements were made for burial on 7th April because of the no burial on week ends. Daddy did take it hard on Friday but after talking to him he cleared up on the weekend accepting condolences for the family. Of course he again broke down on Tuesday this being the first time seeing him after the incident. With all the nice things said about Peter he did cheer up quickly[.] He thought from all his actions and talks that he was not meant to be here. Miss Pearl broke down complete[ly] after finding the body on Saturday morning[.] she refused meals, avoided interacting with her well wishers and took to bed. Well I had to give her a good shake up on the Wednesday and she did thank me for the talk[.] she has been somewhat


back to normalcy that is not with him forgotten[.] I was to ring you early but Daddy suggested that I write not even cable because he knew it’s not a matter of coming but he wanted the news delivered gently. We have and we hope you all would console yourselves as God knows best. It could have been any one of us. Daddy had no financial problems as what he had and what he got from family wise came out to be enough. He received amounts in $300, $200, $100, $400-(friend). Some from you which he saved and some from Miss Pearl’s brothers. This part went fine and was highly appreciated. It took me quite a bit of courage to write this letter. Hope I don’t have to write a letter of this type again or in a hurry. Cheer up [and] give Judy our regards. I visited Daddy and they on Sunday and they except Curtis who is missing him quite a lot as they were pals and he too though[t] that if he didn’t go bathe Peter would have been here today. He has gone out to work today Monday…This I think would help him a lot.


Love from all


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